Increase Your Positivity Ratio

Positivity by Barbara L. Fredrickson, PH.D. book cover
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Positivity. What is it, and why you should learn to increase your ratio.

This book was recommended to me at a time when I really needed a morale boost. My first impression was that the idea of thinking positively is nothing new. In fact, the first few chapters are similar to many other books on I’ve read on this topic.

About half way through though, I realized this is something different. Not only did Dr. Fredrickson gather data to support her theory, but is able to prove mathematically that her positivity ratio is the key between flourishing, or floundering, in life. read more

Finding my way to wellness

As you’ve no doubt gathered from the title, this post is the first in a series about my journey to wellness. Not only physically, but financially, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve felt so disconnected over the past few years. Do you know what I mean? Do you ever feel that way too? It’s like going through the motions of living life, but not really living life, or at least not living life the way I want to live. Who can make that change? You got it. I realized that only I can make that change. read more

Kings And Queens

Oh I know I lived this life afore
Somehow know now truths I must be sure
Tossin turnin’ nightmares burnin’ dreams of swords in hand
Sailin’ ships the Viking spits the blood of father’s land
Only to deceive

One day, maybe about five years ago or so, Jim was rockin’ out on the guitar accompanied by yours truly screaming lyrics along to whatever he was playing. This was before I had a mic. It was fun, kind of like name that tune. He starts playing this old Aerosmith song, one that I never heard anywhere but on my walkman. A deep cut that I thought somehow only I knew.


If you remember the album version, it’s the beat that gets you first, right? The beat throbs and weaves itself into your brain, taking your heart hostage to another space and time. Then without being conscious of what’s happening, the lyrics drive you deeper into a rhythmic trance, it’s almost like a nursery rhyme akin to “Lizzie Borden Took an Ax” or “Ring Around the Rosie“. read more

Off the Rails: Aboard the Crazy Train in the Blizzard of Ozz by Rudy Sarzo

Rudy Sarzo - Off the Rails cover image
Off the Rails: Aboard the Crazy Train in the Blizzard of Ozz

I certainly couldn’t read I Am Ozzy by Ozzy Osbourne and not read Rudy Sarzo’s book. If I’m honest though, I don’t think I read either with the intent of learning more about Rudy, or more about Ozzy. I really wanted to learn more about Randy Rhoads. Admitting that feels very strange because musically, I am usually attracted to songs with interesting drums or vocals. I am guilty of fast forwarding over guitar solos. *shudder* Yes, I can hear the collective gasps of horror as those words are read. read more

Adrenalized: Life, Def Leppard, and Beyond

Adrenalized: Life, Def Leppard, and Beyond

Sadly, Phil Collen’s book is the last book I’ve read in this genre. However, what a YouTube binge it set me on! You see, I didn’t know that Phil had ties to another favorite Phil of mine. More on that later.

First, let me say that after Led Zeppelin, there are a handful of bands that I would consider favorites. Def Leppard is one of those. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you already know that I kinda had a bit of an identity issue when it came to music. I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere, and it was very confusing. The girls were all listening to flowery love songs which made my skin crawl. The boys listened to hard hitting metal, which I loved, but still didn’t feel quite like me. read more

Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway

Back in 2009, I started working at Borders bookstore. They weren’t looking for help, but I was persistent.

Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway

I inquired every week until they hired me. Recently divorced, I was on my own for the first time in a long time trying to make ends meet. You know how that goes. Well, after looking over my budget, my then full-time job would allow me to exist, but I wouldn’t have money left over for fun activities such as Friday happy hour or introverted activities like reading. That’s right, no money for books. Yes, yes, I could go to the library, and did at times, but I cannot exist on borrowed books alone. I needed (now I’m a Kindle) that new book smell, the feel of crisp virgin pages under my fingertips, and an uncracked spine. read more

I Am Ozzy

I Am Ozzy

Don’t I wish! What a lucky guy he is. I mean to be still around, shuffling with such purpose after all of the drugs and alcohol. Duff McKagan should be jealous. Maybe a little?

This was the beginning of my Rock bio binge. I read this book in the early part of September, 2016. If it had been a movie, I would have needed captions to follow along because I find Ozzy difficult to understand, but “his” writing was clear and FUNNY! A little warning though for the faint at heart, skip over the chapter in which he describes working in a slaughter house. I couldn’t get through it – oh, and there’s some other random animal bits that were hard for this animal lover to digest. Otherwise, 👍! read more

Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir

A while back, September, or maybe it was October of last year, I read Megadeth founder’s autobiography, “Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir”. I’ve never been a big Megadeth fan. I think I was intimidated by the band’s art work. I’m not sure why I chose to read it.

Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir

I did dare to own a couple of songs. Of those, my favorite is Sweating Bullets.  I think because it has a simple beat which is overlaid with some of the most complex sounding guitar riffs this girl has ever heard. read more