I Am Ozzy

I Am Ozzy

Don’t I wish! What a lucky guy he is. I mean to be still around, shuffling with such purpose after all of the drugs and alcohol. Duff McKagan should be jealous. Maybe a little?

This was the beginning of my Rock bio binge. I read this book in the early part of September, 2016. If it had been a movie, I would have needed captions to follow along because I find Ozzy difficult to understand, but “his” writing was clear and FUNNY! A little warning though for the faint at heart, skip over the chapter in which he describes working in a slaughter house. I couldn’t get through it – oh, and there’s some other random animal bits that were hard for this animal lover to digest. Otherwise, 👍!

I clearly remember the first time I heard Ozzy. There was a group of us hanging out in front of one of the other kids’ house, the Little’s, I think, playing 2 square (which is like 4 square, but with two players). My

Hangin’ on porches

neighborhood was the best! A great mix of kids, young and old. We even had a Mom & Pop store a couple of houses down from mine. Some nights, all the kids would gather on the store’s porch. The owners were saints to put up with us. All of our houses had big porches, and during our non-school hours, we’d all congregate on one or another. Some kid had this huge boom box (yes, that long ago), and he blasted “Crazy Train”. At the tender age of ten or eleven, I had no idea what the song was about, but man, did I love it! Still do. Who doesn’t?!

Now, I mentioned in my last post, that after reading Dave Mustaine’s memoir, he seems like a pretty cool guy, and I would have loved to hang out with him when he was still partying in his younger years. Now that I think about it, it was during the reading of Ozzy’s book that I must have developed that litmus test. As I read, I thought, “Would I have liked to hang out with this dude?” Sometimes. Maybe. More likely, I would have liked to hang out with the people Ozzy knew, but not so much Ozzy. Too much drama there, I suspect. Rudy Sarzo seems really down to earth. And, hey, it seems like my band is always looking for a bassist. And, I know he already knows the songs (Whitesnake and QR!). A girl can dream!

I have to say I really admire his determination, or at least what he made out to be determination. Other books I’ve read since make me wonder how he made it after Sabbath. Thank you, Sharon Osbourne!